Year 6 National Curriculum Tests

In May 2017, children in Year 6 will be taking the new style of National Curriculum test to record their attainment at the end of primary school. These tests are used to assess all Year 6 children in the country, and to provide information to pass to secondary schools. You can read more about the structure and content of the tests by watching the video at the foot of this page, or by downloading this free guide:

A parent's guide to the Year 6 National Curriculum tests

In school we will be supporting children (and their parents!) to prepare for the tests in a number of ways:

Revision Guides

Families have already had an opportunity to purchase revision guides for use at home. These have now been delivered and can be used for occasional practice, and for parents to help children with areas they need further practice in.

In-school Booster Group

During the Spring term, children will have an additional timetabled session each week to allow them to revise the content taught over the whole of Key Stage 2. Given the change in the National Curriculum in 2014, we'll also pick up any gaps that have been left in the transition.
During these sessions, year 5 pupils will work on the HeartStart first aid programme with Mrs Moore and the IMPS programme with Mrs Chrich.

After-school Revision Sessions

Starting after February half-term, we will also offer additional revision sessions for pupils after school. These will focus on each of the main tested subjects:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

on a rolling basis, and children will be encouraged to attend all of the sessions where possible.

If you feel you would like any further informaton or help in supporting your child, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher.