The school’s position on Edgewood Pool and Leisure Centre

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The school would like to see the pool at Edgewood remain open.

We were asked by a member of Ashfield District Council if we would consider running the pool. We said we were happy to conduct a feasibility study into this, but made it clear at the time that we thought it would be highly unlikely that we could run it more efficiently than a dedicated leisure services company. As a school, whose core tasks are the welfare and education of our pupils, we would not be able to run the pool unless it was both cost and time neutral to the school. After looking at the figures in detail, it would cost us significantly more to run the pool than is currently the case. The school taking on the running of the pool is therefore not an option that we wish to pursue further nor one which would save ADC money.

We would have preferred ADC to wait to see whether the school running the pool was a feasible option before putting it out to public consultation. The letter that has been published on Facebook and sent to some newspapers was sent to all councillors to try and resolve the inaccuracy of the recent consultation privately. It was not intended for publication.

The school hopes that concerned members of the public will understand that the future of the pool is not the school’s decision but a matter for Ashfield District Council to resolve.

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