HMI Monitoring Visit 15th January 2016

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On the 15th January we had a follow up monitoring visit from Jan Connor HMI.  Schools in the ‘Requires Improvement’ category are assigned an HMI who stays with the school until their next inspection and our inspector paid us a visit to see what progress we are making towards being rated as ‘Good’ at our next inspection.

Please note this was not a full Ofsted inspection and couldn’t change our grade to ‘Good’ but it was an invaluable chance to speak to an inspector about the progress we have made and also test our preparedness for our full inspection which should take place sometime this year.

I am pleased to say that the visit was very successful.  The letter which accompanies this letter is full of praise for the school and your children.  The section entitled ‘Main Findings’ on the second page highlights very clearly the improvements we have made in leadership, teaching and attendance.  We are making very good progress in all areas so hopefully our next, full inspection should be a very successful one.

Thank you all for your ongoing support.
Yours sincerely,
Ed Seeley


Please find the letter attached at the link below or on the Ofsted website in 5 working days.

Ofsted monitoring visit letter - February 2015